Garage Rules & Regulations

These facility rules and regulations apply to all users. Customers are responsible for informing their guests and visitors of these rules and regulations. The owner of Phoenix Tower, the employees, and the contractors assume no responsibility for any damage to or theft of vehicles or personal property.

Registration and Card Access

Except for visitors, all parkers must apply through their Tenant Parking Contact to LAZ Parking for registration of motor vehicles to be parked. Monthly customers must utilize the parking access card issued in the manner prescribed by LAZ Parking. Customers may register only their own vehicles. Lost or stolen access cards will be replaced at the prevailing rate.


Customers must ensure that unattended vehicles are locked at all times and are urged to keep valuables out of sight. Customers should report any crime or suspected criminal activity to the police and should also inform LAZ Parking, Parkway Properties and the Security Center. LAZ Parking or Security will assist in summoning police or other contacts but do not have the authority or jurisdiction to investigate or act upon crime.

Collisions and other Accidents

Do not move vehicles from the point of impact unless there is an immediate threat to life or property or unless the vehicles obstruct traffic. Customers should submit any claims for damage to their own insurance agency and report the details of any accident to the Parking Office. An incident report will be completed and an investigation will be performed to determine the cause of the claim. The Garage Operators are not responsible for damage to vehicles or personal property.

Access Card Operations

The Phoenix Tower Parking Facility uses one of either the building access cards or a “hands-free” access control system to create a fast, friendly and safe operation. Monthly parkers that are issued a hands free (AVI) access card, can mount it to the uppermost corner of the driver-side front windshield or the center of the windshield under the rearview mirror, no more than two inches from the top of the glass. Access cards can be transferred between vehicles for monthly parkers that carpool or use more than one vehicle. Facility card readers “scan” travel lanes for these vehicle mounted access cards. Valid AVI cards will raise gates to let monthly parkers enter and exit. Monthly parkers who forget their AVI access card can still use any entrance but must stop and “pull” a ticket from the ticket machine. Take the ticket to the parking office, during business hours, prior to exiting, to avoid paying the hourly rate. Non-damaged access cards that stop working will be replaced at no charge by the Parking Administrative Office. If your access card will not work while you are trying to exit the facility, please use the lane intercom for further assistance.

The access card readers located at each parking area are equipped with an anti-pass back feature. Therefore, it is necessary for a tenant using a parking access card or AVI transponder to present their access card/AVI transponder to both the entrance and exit card readers. Failure to present the access card in sequence will result in a pass back violation, which will not allow access or exit privileges to occur until parking personnel have acknowledged the violation. Please do not loan access cards to co-workers or guests as this will result in a pass back violation and will cause added delay to the cardholder.

Repeated pass back violations may result in revocation of access card privileges. For additional information regarding the anti-pass back feature and proper use of the access card, contact the Parking Administrative Office.

Vehicle Entrances and Exits

The Phoenix Tower Parking Garage is broken into three sections. The General side is accessed through the breezeway and is used for both monthly parkers and visitors. The General entrance is the only entrance that issues tickets. The Contract entrance is on the Northeast side of the building and is only accessible to monthly parkers assigned to that section. The Reserved entrance is on the Northwest side of the building and is only accessible to monthly parkers with reserved access. Please observe the speed limit and follow overhead signs to all appropriate entrances and exits.

Monthly Parking Locations

Monthly parkers are able to park in any non-reserved, legal space on any of the facility’s eight levels. Please remember that there are several types of reserved spaces or areas on each level that are enforced at all times. Each of these restricted spaces is signed as such and should be avoided.

Security Escorts

Escorts from the Parking Facility to the Garage are available by contacting Security or the Parking Administrative Office via the facility intercom system, by phone or in person. Intercom stations are located in each entry/exit lane on levels one and two and at the bottom of all Emergency Assistance call boxes located throughout the parking facility.