Mobility & Green Initatives

As part of the Phoenix Tower initiatives, LAZ Parking and Parkway Realty Services is committed to providing Alternative Transportation options to the building tenants. We encourage tenants and building staff to take advantage of the transportation options and incentives.

The Alternative Transportation Program and Green Initiatives include; Bus Passes, Van Pool, Ride Share, Shuttle Assistance, and Public Transit Subsidy. Take advantage of the alternative transportation and reap the benefits of having a guaranteed ride home and no parking costs.

Guarenteed Ride Home

If an emergency arises, you can take advantage of the two options to get home – taxi or a one day rental car. A taxi ride will be reimbursed up to $40 or a one day rental car will be provided at no cost. These services are available to participants up to four times a year.

Participants of the alternative transportation program are also eligible to receive four free parking passes every four months for those times when you must drive to work.  The parking passes will be valid at the Phoenix Tower Parking garage.

Zipcar Promo for Phoenix Tower

By applying for our Alternative Transportation Program, Zipcar is offering a building affiliate promotion to all Phoenix Tower Tenants which would offer a $0.00 annual fee. Tenants would  also have the option to pay for the $25 application fee or have it directed to their employees. In many cases, Zipcar could be cheaper than employee mileage reimbursements.

ALSO – anyone in Houston that signs up for a Zipcar account right now and puts in the promotional code HOUSTON2014 will receive a $0 cost and $30 driving credit to “test drive” the service.

Click Here to Apply for our Alternative Transportation Program

Alternative Transportation Options

Bus Passes

Ride Sponsors Help Employees Cut Transportation Costs
When your company signs on as a METRO Ride Sponsor, you will be able to manage METRO Q® Fare Cards for employees while taking advantage of tax benefits associated with employee transit programs and payroll deductions for transit fares.

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Metro Star Van Pool

STAR riders share the cost of the vehicle, fuel, maintenance routes and any parking and tolls. Individual cost is divided by the number of riders creating a personal “fraction” of the total cost. Because STAR vanpools are driven by one or more of the riders, the costs are often less than other public and private options. 

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Zipcar is a for-profit, membership-based car sharing company providing automobile rental to its members, billable by the hour or day. That benefits employees of your office building by giving them more options to take mass transient to work and still be able to go to lunch or run to a meeting. 

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Car Pool / Ride Share

The benefits from carpooling include cost sharing, less wear and tear on vehicles, time savings in regions with high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes, and the ability to talk, eat, sleep, or read while commuting! There are multiple options for Employees to create or join ride shares or car pools.

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