Car Pool & Ride Share

The benefits from carpooling include cost sharing, less wear and tear on vehicles, time savings in
regions with high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes, and the ability to talk, eat, sleep, or read while commuting! There are multiple options for Employees to create or join ride shares or car pools.


Nuride is an incentive program to reward people who car pool.

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Trek Houston

TREK is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing mobility in the Greenway Plaza and Uptown/Galleria areas. Our efforts reduce commuting costs, personal stress, traffic, accidents and air pollution.  The Trek Houston website was created to help you explore options such as the Fort Bend Express, Van Pool, Car Pool and METRO Star. Explore the Fort Bend Express two commuter bus routes. The routes are Fort Bend Express Greenway Plaza and Fort Bend Express Uptown/Galleria.

Click Here to Visit is a website where employees can post their ride needs and join groups for commuting. The website offers drivers and riders the ability to post their commuting need and carpooling groups. Click Here to Visit also lets drivers and riders post and create groups. This website features an interactive map to facilitate connections and fulfill commuting needs . Click Here to Visit

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