Metro Star Van Pool


Greater Houston’s METRO STAR is a service to help you save money, reduce your stress and relax to and from work. STAR offers hundreds of scheduled routes serving an eight-county area, including Harris, Brazoria, Chambers, Fort Bend, Galveston, Liberty, Montgomery and Waller.

STAR is a Cost-Effective Public Transportation Option

STAR riders share the cost of the vehicle, fuel, maintenance routes and any parking and tolls. Individual cost is divided by the number of riders creating a personal “fraction” of the total cost. Because STAR vanpools are driven by one or more of the riders, the costs are often less than other public and private options. STAR vanpools are one of the most efficient uses for public and private funding. This efficiency allows STAR vanpools to form quickly and serve locations that other transit services do not or cannot serve cost effectively.

Employer STAR Support

Employers in the STAR service area have recognized and appreciate the value of STAR vanpool routes serving employment locations. Many of these employers have also chosen to provide additional financial support to employees as a transportation benefit to help further reduce the individual monthly STAR cost. Check with your employer to see if a transit and vanpool financial benefit is provided. The STAR team also actively works with area employers to encourage employer “copay.”

STAR Vanpools – Quick and Easy to Start

The METRO STAR vanpool program provides the quickest “new start” option of all METRO services. A dedicated STAR team can help form new routes by identifying riders, drivers, arranging individual costs, and working with employers to help promote and support STAR routes.

Click Here to View a PDF Brochure for Star Vanpools